Panton Wire (Single)

Designed by Verner Panton, 1971
Panton Wire is raw yet elegant, light yet industrial in its design. The Panton Wire units can be used individually or in combination – on the floor, hanging on the wall or as room dividers. With simple shape and light construction, this is a typical example of Verner Panton’s working method, where design and logic go hand in hand. The industrial expression of Panton Wire and its flexible construction means that it can be used anywhere.

Size: W34.8 x D34.8 x H34.8 cm
Color: Chrome with Top marble plate (white/black )
Material: 5 mm steel wire chrome-plated or powder lacquered.
Availability: pre-order

Verner Panton’s name is often associated with the word ‘system’. In Panton’s design, we can find that there are many parts of different sizes – for example, with Panton’s multiple and different chair designs where ‘related parts move or work together’. Panton Wire in simplicity and versatility design was one of the furniture pieces in his wire collection of 1971, the system included chairs, tables, a coat rack, and more. The concept of this wire furniture was that the wire would catch the surrounding colour.


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