Ferm Living

Neu Bowl - Small

Designed by Ferm Living

The Neu collection is inspired by Bauhaus classics, using strictly geometric shapes. The look is softened by the vivid grey glaze, which gives the plate a unique touch. The neu plate is made in stoneware with a reactive glaze.

Colour: Grey
Size: Ø: 28 cm
Material: 100% stoneware
Care Instruction: Dishwasher safe
Availability: In Stock


The Neu collection using ceramic glaze fused to the ceramic through the firing process, the surface coating making the ceramic impermeable and waterproof, so it will not leak out through the open clay pores. In addition to their functionality, glazes can form a variety of surface finishes, including degrees of the glossy or matte finish and color. 

Starting with the stoneware blend, which consists of the raw material, clay, and water in proportion, the experienced pottery maker will inject into molds to gets the perfect shapes.

After modifying the clay bodies are taken out from the molds and fired at about 800 degrees for four hours to make sure that the bodies are dry enough. Hereafter, the reactive glaze is dipped on each and fired at about 1200 degrees for nine hours. 


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