Eames Basic Art Series

Author: Gloria Koenig 

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The creative duo of Charles Eames (1907-1978) and Ray Kaiser Eames (1912-1988) transformed the visual character of America. Although they are best known for their furniture, husband and wife were also pioneers in the fields of architecture, textile design, photography and film.

The work of the Eames has defined a new, multifunctional modernity, exemplary by the junction it has made between craftsmanship and design, as well as by its use of modern materials, in particular plywood and plastics. The Eames Lounge Chair Wood, fashioned from molded and curved plywood, helped define twentieth-century furniture, and the couple's contribution to the Case Study Houses project is inventively based on industrial materials while offering a flexible plan. composed of multipurpose spaces that will become a hallmark of modern post-war architecture.

From the couple's first furniture experiments to their founding short film Powers of Ten, this book covers all aspects of the Eames' illustrious repertoire and its revolutionary impact on the lives of the American middle class.

Binding: Hardcover
Pages:96 pages
Size:21 x 26 cm

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