Aalto Basic Art Series

AUTHORS: Louna Lahti

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Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) Finnish designer and architect, influence by his love for the nature and political independence of his native Finland. He was very creative at a very young age, especially in painting and thought of becoming a painter if not becoming an architect. In 1918, He was commissioned to draw up a plan for the renovation of the family house and started his journey as an architect.

His design in architecture is trended to using an organic structure with brick and wood to incorporate undulating, wave-like forms, an adherent to details, Aalto insisted upon the humanity and societal role of using immature new material; the main thing is to work with materials towards a more human line which would also appear in his chair, glassware, and lamp designs. Whether it is a public library, a large building, or villa, his design is warm, compassionate, and wholly set apart from the slick, mechanistic, geometric designs that characterized much contemporary European practice.

The book of Basic Art Series coved many of Aalto’s public buildings and his residence in Finland. Stories, plan, and details behinds Aalto’s work is in the book.

Published by Taschen, Aalto covers the career of the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898–1976). Aalto became famous for his warm, curving, and natural style that characterizes his buildings, furniture, luminaires, and tableware. The book was written by Finnish writer and art historian Louna Lahti who worked for the Alvar Aalto Society for many years, and it is part of Taschen’s Basic Architecture series that presents life and work of internationally renowned architects with approximately 120 photographs, sketches, and drafts. The editor of the collection is the German art historian Peter Gössel.

Binding: Hardcover
Pages:96 pages
Size:21 x 26 cm

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