A330S Pendant Light

Designed by Alvar Aalto, 1937

Shaped from a single sheet of brass, the perforated rim of the A330S Pendant Light casts a memorable glow and prevents glare. A founding member of Finnish manufacturer Artek, Alvar Aalto is renowned for his ability to design dynamic pieces that focus on functionality in public and personal spaces alike, as is the case with the A330S Pendant Light.

Colors: Brass
Size: 17cm (d) x 20cm (h)
Material: Hand-spun brass, Hand-spun steel
Availability: In Stock


A330S Pendant Light in brass is nicknamed the ‘Golden Bell’ and was originally designed for The Savoy in Helsinki in 1937, where it still hangs today. The beautiful patina that has developed on this design classic over the 80 years since it was fitted at The Savoy is a testament to the light’s graceful aging and timeless appeal.

Savoy was located on the Industrial Palace and Alvar Aalto was commissioned to design the interiors for the restaurant and function rooms. The secret of the Savoy’s dining room is its timelessness and the streamlined design of Golden bell illuminates the intimate dining tables. Golden Bell Savoy is made of one single piece of brass, but its polished surface has been left uncoated, so over time, it will develop a beautiful and unique patina. The pendant is equipped with a brass canopy and a black textile cable, and it resembles closely Aalto's first versions of the A330S lamps which are still in use at Restaurant Savoy.


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