Our Philosophy

CMD Vision is a lifestyle concept store combining art, design, and stories.

We provide curated design products that with the values of classical, sustainable, minimalism, and craftsmanship details. We hope to inspire people to appreciate the inseparable connection between design and our daily life; and the beauty behind every small design detail by sharing these design concepts and stories behind the brands and designers. 

Our Value

We care and respect all the design stories, and we hope by understanding how the products are manufactured and how they resolve our needs will leads us to get inspired and appreciate the value of a long-lasting and well-crafted design.

Our selection

A carefully selected product design and stories are being told by their unique stories and a strong language of :

Classical Design:
Become more beautiful as times goes by, remain historical trace of usage

Sustainable Design :
Last for a long time, convey the stories into a memories

Minimalists Design  :
Without unnecessary decoration, simply focus on the functionality

Craftsmanship Details :
Admired by the unique details and chairmanship used 

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