The Stories of the cork family

1.The Stories of the cork family

Jasper Morrison designed the Cork Family in 2004 for the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. and a range of edition furniture has been made after that made of cork. Jasper’s interest in cork stems from its remarkable functionality as well as its unique atmospheric qualities, which he recognizes as a key design component of an object’s long-term success. The series developed by the cork oak tree as a protective covering, this particular iteration of the material is reconstituted from unselected wine bottle corks, some still visible in their original shape.

2. The design of the cork family. 
The designer Jasper Morrison gave the Cork Family tables clear, geometrical shapes with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, which contrast vividly with the natural shades and velvety surface of the cork. The robust members of the Cork Family stand firmly, making them suited for use as side tables or stools. The advantageous natural properties of cork are comparatively lightweight and extremely durable, they also have a velvety surface that is pleasant to touch which allows it to function perfectly as stools.

3.How the designer developed the thoughts with material like a cork. 

Jasper Morrison explained cork is such a pleasing material to look at and to touch. It also has so many useful properties – it is waterproof, fireproof (the cork oak tree developed this bark to protect itself from forest fires), rot proof, insect-proof (too chewy for them), it has amazing insulating properties, and is highly resistant to damage, so there are many possibilities and is fully sustainable.

The complete series of Cork Family
In 2019, Jasper Morrison has opened an exhibition at the Kasmin in New York to brings together the cork family with a small edition piece of a chaise longue, bookshelves, a dining table, chairs, stools that double as low tables, a bench and a cork fireplace surround, all out of the same block cork material. The new pieces are more shapely with finer edges and more sweeping lines as the process of machining the shapes from large blocks of cork is quite like making a sculptural and is very different from the usual industrial processes. 

Jasper Morrison lives and works in London and Tokyo. His designs are expressions of the ‘super normal’ design philosophy: rather than seeking unusual or extravagant results, he often breathes new life into proven solutions by means of reinterpretation, further development, and refinement. He has worked together with Vitra on a regular basis since 1989.

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