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With minimalist silhouettes and high functionality, the Bottle Series is all about finding beauty in simple things.

Water and wine: these two drinks can bring much joy, and even more so when enjoyed with sleek glassware. These useful pieces made from mouth-blown glass are now available in smoked glass. The clear series is timeless, while the new colorway brings a more contemporary look while maintaining the streamlined forms.

Adding 10 times more oxygen to wine in under two minutes, it's little wonder that Wine Breather Deluxe is an award-winning Menu bestseller. Simply press the decanter on to the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so wine pours into the decanter. You can serve the wine directly from the elegant carafe, or tip it upside again to serve from the original wine bottle.


The Wine Breather Carafe from Menu is an ingenious design to mature and soften wine as much as several months in as little as two minutes. It breathes wine in an instant to enable you to pour ready to drink wine directly from the bottle. To use, simply connect the unique Wine Breather and the bottle, and invert so the wine runs down the sides of the Wine Breather. This aerates the wine by 2000%! You can either serve the wine in the elegant carafe or turn around once more to let the well-breathed wine run back into the original bottle. For the red wine connoisseur, this is a pioneering design that will enhance one of life's greatest pleasures.


Norm makes a virtue of focusing on quality, durability, and timelessness. Their objective is to produce a design that applies good materials and craftsmanship whilst embodying beauty, traditions, history and most importantly, timelessness.

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