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“ The chair is the item closest to people’s hearts. It can be given a personal expression.” - Hans J. Wegner 

All the furniture pieces designed by  Hans J. Wegner is a distinctive representative of Danish design tradition and craftsmanship. From the Wishbone chair to the Shell chair, both an expression of unusual form and technique to the furniture industry. 


The Elbow Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1956 yet it never put into production for the same reason of many Wegner’s furnitures that the design is sophisticated and impossible to make with less-developed production techniques in the 1950's. After Wegner crafting two prototypes, elbow chair design was set aside in archives, where it remained for nearly half a century.

Carl Hansen & Søn was obsessed with the simplicity of the CH20 elbow chair, and began the challenges in its production. After repeated trials and continuous efforts to evolve technology. The chair was released perfectly for the first time until 2005, and quickly established a position as a modern classic


Produced in the modern age yet filled with the essence of classic design. Elbow chair crafted from a single piece of solid wood. Its famous steam-bent backrest provides elbow and lower back support for variant sitting posture. The chair stands on four, cylindrical wooden legs. The front legs are slightly tapered at the bottom and rounded at the top to avoid sharp corners. The construction under the seat in form-pressed veneer adds optimal stability in combination with a light and floating expression. It is manufactured from 11-ply veneer laminate, which is compression molded into desired shape. A thin layer of cold cure foam on the top of the seat pan gives the chair a more comfortable feel.

3. Love for wooden furniture
The Elbow Chair is yet another proof that Hans J. Wegner was way ahead of his time when it comes to the wooden furniture design. The curvature of the Elbow chair backrest and the touch of wood not only convey the most natural and beautiful grain of wood, it also  reveals Wegner's strong love for wood to create something  simple, functional and more important sustainable. Different from the general coating, applying soapy water on the part of the wood to highlight the natural features of the wood is how the nordic design would do for a unique processing method. If the wooden structure is dirty, it can be washed with natural soapy water or simply lightly rubbed off with sandpaper.


Hans Wegner’s furniture unites form and function, he places the highest demands on comfort and ergonomics in every design. Countless design chairs such as the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair, Wegner Wing Chair, and Wegner CH07 Shell Chair—are internationally recognised classics today. To Wegner, a chair isn't just a piece of furniture, but a work of art made to support the human form.


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