A line drawing translated to 3D dimension

Where other chairs dictate a specific way of sitting, the Rope Chair invites creativity in posture, encouraging dynamic movement and changes in position. 

1. The start begins in artistic expression

Artek was named after the Modernist aim of achieving a fruitful union of art and technology. In 2020, Artek brings a new expression of this ideal to the contemporary collection, launching new products by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec with the same aspiration: to marry free artistic expression with industrial production.The Rope Chair was presented as part of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, consists of hollow steel tubes with cutouts that allow a piece of cord to be threaded through them in one uninterrupted movement.

2. A line drawing translated to 3D dimension 

Rope Chair is more like a silhouette than a solid block, they put a line drawing translated into three dimensions to be rendered in space artistically. Rope Chair is a synthesis of contrasts with sophisticated expression on design engineering and creativity.Made from a metal frame interlaced with a single length of marine rope as a weight-bearing part of the construction to support the back and armrest. The solid structure and flexible elements, stiff tubes, and pliable rope allows the chairs to adapt to those who use it. Where the chair is encouraging a new way of sitting, invites creativity in postures and dynamic movement. The chair’s frame bears the traces of the body it last supported, the imprint of a user who co-defines its shape. 

3. Details found in the contrast of solid and flexible elements

Rope chair interlaced by the marine rope with a seat form-pressed by beech plywood. Each of the legs consists of a separate tube, which is connected with the others by weaving the rope from the front leg to the top of the first back leg and over to the second one, before circling back around to the other front leg. Instead of being a decorative element, using a continuous piece of rope means fewer connection points and, in turn, a more robust product that enables the chair to respond to the shape of its user.


 The French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec studied at the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and at the École des Beaux-Arts in Cergy-Pontoise. Since 1999 both brothers have worked together as joint partners in their own Paris-based design studio. Their work ranges from small utilitarian objects to architectural projects. In addition to the design of domestic and office furniture, vases, porcelain dishware, jewelry, and diverse home accessories, a primary focus of their work is the design and organization of interior space.


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