Simplicity and versatility Panton wire system

“The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination.” said Panton

1. What is the story behind the panton wire
Verner Panton’s name is often associated with the word ‘system’. In Panton’s design, we can find that there are many parts or different sizes – for example, with Panton’s multiple and different chair designs where ‘related parts move or work together’. Panton Wire in simplicity and versatility design was one of the furniture pieces in his wire collection of 1971, the system included chairs, tables, a coat rack, and more. The concept of this wire furniture was that the wire would catch the surrounding color.
2. Tell us about the design of panton wire
The design and logic of panton wire go hand in hand and which is a typical example of Verner Panton’s working method. It is raw yet elegant, light yet industrial and as per mentioned in above, it designed as a system which can be used individually or in combination – on the floor, hanging on the wall or as room dividers. To extend the functionality of panton wire, several accessories have been added such as glass shelves and top panels and recently has been expanded different module by Montana.

3. What is the value of panton wire today?
To enhance the system’s countless applications, Montana Furniture is now adding three new elements to this versatile shelving system – the rectangular module, the suspended wire shelf and the inlay shelf. Apart from chrome, black, snow and blue color, Mat Gold Limited Edition was added by Montana in 2019 to honour Verner Panton’s legacy of ingenious work with shapes and materials – ‘The primary purpose of my work is to provoke people to use their imagination. Most people spend their entire lives in grey or beige conformity and are afraid to use colors. By experimenting with lights, colors, textiles and furniture and using its latest technology, I’m trying to show new ways to inspire people to use their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting.’ Panton Wire is one of the masterpieces for fulfilling multifunctional with minimal design.


Verner Panton, born in Gentofte, Denmark, studied at Odense Technical College before enrolling at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen as an architecture student. He worked from 1950-1952 in the architectural firm of Arne Jacobsen and founded an independent studio for architecture and design in 1955. Verner Panton was one of the most influential figures in design history, legendary for pushing the limits of forms and materials in the 1960s and 1970s, created numerous designs for seating furniture and lighting. Verner Panton's passion for bright colors and geometric patterns manifested itself in an extensive range of textile, interior, and furniture designs.


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