The Timeless Golden Bell A330S

Alvar Aalto treats each of his design as a work of art,
natural materials and organic forms are the keys to Alvar Aalto design aesthetic.

1. The Story of Timeless “A330S Golden Bell”

In 1937, Alvar Aalto was commissioned to design the interiors and furnishing for the Restaurant Savoy in Helsinki. Despite being a luxury restaurant, Alvar Aalto choosing a simple, austere, minimalist style, and brought their human-centered and functional touch to every detail in the restaurant.

In order to show the Aaltos’ preference for welcoming and comfortable furniture and his sensitivity towards high-quality natural materials, the interior was rich in various wood and lush planting to create a warm and intimate atmosphere of elegant proportions. And Aalto specially designed the Golden Bell, a single piece of brass that can echo with luxury yet creates a fresh but clean silhouette, which the patina does not darken overtime – on the contrary, it provides the venue with a cozy and intimate nature, that's what Alvar Aalto is looking for Restaurant Savoy.

Many of Aalto's lights were originally created for a particular building – for him designing lights played an important role in architecture.

Alvar Aalto. Savoy Restaurant, Helsinki, interior sketch, 1937 
Image courtesy of Alvar Aalto Museum


The timelessness and streamlined design of the Golden bell are made of a single piece of brass with an uncoated surface, the natural oxidation process will get a gorgeous patina over time. It cast golden reflections and light both warm-toned and diffuse, the Golden Bell earns its nickname from the shade's fluid lines, in an elegant shape that translates seamlessly into the contemporary. 


A330s is another classic piece to proves Alvar Aalto’s design was minimal yet sophisticated while offering a timeless quality that endures. This beautiful bell-shaped pendant lamp captures the essence of Aalto’s signature streamlined aesthetic, provides both warm-toned and characteristically diffuse with a perforated rim that further enhances the A330S's warm glow. Until today, the A330S has been is still a great and stylish pendant lamp that incorporates a natural aesthetic of understated Scandinavian design.

The essential to Aalto's design is A330S translated the fluid line with modern aesthetics,
that can withstand the test of time coupled with high functionality.

Alvar Aalto, the pioneer of modern architecture and design. He was a Finnish architect and designer; His design philosophy was quite influenced by nature and organic materials. And the beauty of his work is hidden in his design approach of Functionalism but with a strong connection to the organic relationship between man, nature and buildings. In the 1920s - 1930s, he started to produce innovative plywood chairs and create a new trend in the use of plywood. His modern architects' design aesthetic and the use of natural material became his identifiable personal style has gained him the international reputation of a distinctive blend of modernist refinement in the world. 
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